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Description of academic subjects



Hours: 225    ECTS: 9    Exam: in 3rd Yr 

Study modules 3rd year (2 x 225 = 450 hours).

Students will choose two of the following specialisations:


  1.  [SEN] English
  2.  [SGE] Geography
  3.  [SHS] History
  4.  [SMA] Mathematics
  5.  [SNT] Natural Science
  6.  [SSO] Social Science

More about the specialisation subjects



Being Another Kind of Teacher specialised in Geography means to have a solid overview of our physical world. Understanding Geography means to understand about a world that is shaped by certain matters such as natural processes, climate, politics and different cultures.

Geography gives the Another Kind of Teacher the ability to teach their students about the forces that shape the world, and how they can influence them in order to contribute to a better world. G

Geography teaches people about the physical world that they step on every single day.



Being Another Kind of Teacher specialised in History means to have the ability to understand History through different eyes and points of view. World history has been written by those in power or, the so-called “winners”.

However, a teacher must understand the past of our present world also according to those who did not win. Being specialised in History means to have extensive knowledge about the past of our cultures, nations and populations, and to teach the students how to be critical towards their sources.



Being Another Kind of Teacher specialised in Mathematics means to be a teacher that is able to understand, and explain, how exact sciences works. Mathematics is a great tool to perceive the natural world, giving to the future teachers the needed skills to support their students in understanding how objective, exact and even predictable nature can be.


Natural Science

Being Another Kind of Teacher specialised in Natural Science means to be a teacher that is aware and able to teach about the material world. In our world, everything is matter: the soil, the seeds, our bodies, the stars, the books we read.  Thus, in order to have an influence in the world it is imperative to understand how it works.


Social Science

​Being Another Kind of Teacher specialised in Social Science means to be a teacher that knows about different societies, different cultures and social relations. “To know” means to master different concepts theoretically, but also practically. That is one of the reasons why Another Kind of Teacher​ learns to travel, and travel to learn.


Being Another Kind of Teacher specialised in English means to be a teacher that is able to speak and teach in a language that has become universal. English is one of the most used communication languages and, to be able to speak it, means to be able to understand about other people’s lives and other cultures.


English is also the language of information, meaning that books, articles and internet materials are written in English which are accessible for teachers and their students.






At our teacher training college theoretical knowledge
is blended with hands-on experiences.

We emphasise a learning by doing approach
and practice community living.

Our aim is to train progressive teachers who can respond to the challenges of our time.

What is ECTS?
The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a student-centred system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a programme of study.
Its aim is to facilitate the recognition of study periods undertaken by mobile students through the transfer of credits.

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