How to apply to the DNS programme

The 4-year Teacher Training Programme  / Bachelor in Pedagogical Science starts every year on the 1st of September.
*The deadline for applying for DNS team 2019 is 1st of August. 

If you would like to apply to the programme just follow these steps:


1. Get familiar with the programme and requirements

Read the Programme Description and the articles about Admission Requirements and Fees and Finance.

2. Book a free video consultation with a representative from DNS

We will brief you on the main points of the programme and discuss all the details and questions you may have.
You can book a time here. *It is possible to arrange the consultation in your native language, we have students and graduates from all over Europe.

3. Come for a Preparatory Weekend in Denmark.
If you decide to proceed, you will be invited for a Preparatory Weekend at DNS in Denmark.

As the college is run by the students and the teachers together and you will live with us for 4 years, it is the best if you get a real experience of life in DNS and meet current students and your future teachers.

There is a preparatory weekend every month.

4. Have an Admission Interview.
If you decide to enrol to as a student at DNS you will, at the end of the Preparatory Weekend have a meeting with the teachers to get qualified for the programme and to discuss matters of importance, for example if you wish to participate in the Saving Up Pre-Course.
5. We agree on a starting date.
Depending on if you would like to join the Saving Up Pre-Course or not, we agree on a starting date.
The DNS programme starts on September 1st.

DNS teams start every year on September 1.

Contact us…

Skorkærvej 8,
6990 Ulfborg

+45 20 35 23 54



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