How to apply to the DNS programme

Applications are open throughout the year, but the programme starts every year on the 1st of September. If you would like to join the saving-up pre-course get in touch with us as soon as possible 

To apply to the programme just follow these steps:


1. Get familiar with the programme and requirements
2. Book a free video consultation with a representative from DNS

We will brief you on the main points of the programme and discuss all the details and questions you may have.
You can book a time here. *It is possible to arrange the consultation in your native language, we have students and graduates from all over Europe.

3. Come for a Preparatory Weekend in Denmark.
If you decide to proceed, you will be invited for a Preparatory Weekend at DNS in Denmark.

As the college is run by the students and the teachers together and you will live with us for 4 years, it is the best if you get a real experience of life in DNS and meet current students and your future teachers.

There is a preparatory weekend every month.

4. Have an Admission Interview.
If you decide to enrol to as a student at DNS you will, at the end of the Preparatory Weekend have a meeting with the teachers to get qualified for the programme and to discuss matters of importance, for example if you wish to participate in the Saving Up Pre-Course.
5. We agree on a starting date.
Depending on if you would like to join the Saving Up Pre-Course or not, we agree on a starting date.
The DNS programme starts on September 1st.

DNS teams start every year on September 1.

Contact us…

Skorkærvej 8,
6990 Ulfborg

+45 20 35 23 54



Keep in touch

The Necessary Teacher Training College , 
Skorkærvej 8, 6990 Ulfborg, Denmark

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