Meet the Dunes

It has always been something fascinating but at the same time extremely far away. Something to dream about. The dunes of the desert. To experience these majestic natural phenomena is a life changing experience.

We are all migrants

When we accidently crossed a national park in the southern Mauritania, I felt like a child. For the first time in my life I saw migrating birds in their winter habitat. It was deeply moving experience.

Zero dirham journey

On our way back to Europe after more than 3 months in Western Africa, Simona and I decided to hitch-hike from Agadir to Tangier. Just to squeeze the last bit of adventure of our precious time.

An astronomer of the people

The visionary scientist and educator Carl Sagan made sure a photo was taken, from deep space,  of our precious home, the Earth. On Human Space Flight Day, we bring a poignant quote.

Peace Justice

Peace Justice · Because there is no peace without justice   We create peace, when we fight prejudice and stereotypes. We create peace, when we build bridges between each other. We create peace, when we liberate, emancipate ourselves from oppression. by Piotr Działak,...

Am I a teacher?

If we want to change something, we need to take responsibility over the things around us. If we are to take responsibility over our society, we need to work together with the people around us.

Vegan lifestyle

Students at DNS take a great interest in food and sustainable lifestyles and diets.  Thus, having a vegan lifestyle has gained momentum at our college during the last years. Tvind is a vegan friendly campus.

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