International Day of Education

On this first International Day of Education, students & teachers at DNS are excited to celebrate four decades of providing a unique pre-service teacher training programme.

Cultures United

Reflections from an action packed Erasmus+ project at the Tvind campus with participants from six countries sharing their stories. Expressing and creating culture through different forms of workshops.

Hot Air Balloon Championships

Hot Air Balloon Team Tvind is a joint venture between DNS and the three care homes on the campus. A balloon team needs a pilot, a navigator, a crew of three people and a driver: Mantvydas from DNS 2017.

Meet the Dunes

It has always been something fascinating but at the same time extremely far away. Something to dream about. The dunes of the desert. To experience these majestic natural phenomena is a life changing experience.

We are all migrants

When we accidently crossed a national park in the southern Mauritania, I felt like a child. For the first time in my life I saw migrating birds in their winter habitat. It was deeply moving experience.

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