Milo · Teacher at DNS

Name: Milo Silvestri
Occupation: Team teacher at DNS International Teacher Training College
Nationality: Italian

If I would describe myself in one word I would say I am a learner. I love to learn: learn about the world, the people, physics, biology, psychology, politics, science, art. My passion for learning makes me invest quite some time in finding out new things, new ways and new processes and, of course, my passion for learning made me become a teacher.

Currently, I am a teacher at DNS and I was also a student here, since the year 2013 until 2016. Before DNS I tried many things, from volunteering to travel without a certain destiny, from being a self-homeschooled student to participate in protests and demonstrations. I was an active person but I missed a main purpose, I missed something to hold on. DNS gave me that: gave me a direction.

Being a teacher is supporting other people to learn, to develop and to grow. Being a teacher is to constantly challenge yourself to challenge others. What I love the most is when I am out there in the world, hitchhiking or meeting a new group of people, and I tell them about what I do, and how I live. I love to see the surprise in their eyes and their minds wondering “I never thought being a teacher would be so cool!”.

If I would not be a teacher, I would probably be an inventor. I would love to own a laboratory where I could spend time creating new things, new knowledge and new ideas. Or I could also be a traveller, exploring the world and its diversity, learning from people and telling them what I know.

Learning is a natural process, it happens to everybody. Children learn by playing, for instance, and they love it. Since when has teaching and learning became boring things? Why should they be? We should look at teaching and learning as ways of playing, ways of entertainment and joy!

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I hope DNS will teach me the essential pedagogical skills that I will need in order to become the effective activist that I want to become, who uses education as a tool of mobilisation.

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I feel it’s a key point to keep questioning what has been considered a norm. I would like to immerse myself into what we assume about learning and teaching and search for alternatives.

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I have decided to join DNS for many reasons – one being that after my many adventures I have come to realise how important education is and that it plays a key role in societal change.

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“Education must empower us to lead our own life, develop social connections, lift people up and bring them together. It must minimize the chances of being manipulated or becoming actors in someone else’s play.”

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I see DNS Teacher Training as a lifestyle which will challenge the concept of education in the world and help people like me to transform and find the unique kind of teacher within. Either we rebel or we don’t.

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