I’m a Teacher because I’m a rebel – Nadezda, alumni and DNS Teacher

Why did I become a teacher? Because I am a rebel.

But let’s start from the beginning – how did I get to this?

First of all, teenager me didn’t get from school what I needed. Also, I didn’t know what I needed, and nobody could help me to find it, because it is our responsibility in the end. It wasn’t all so sad, though! A desperate search of the purpose got me where I am now – a place in the DNS Teacher Council.

Where am I now?

In an uncomfortable place of an educator of the future generation. I see it as a gigantic, out of proportion, responsible and scary task, and I love it! I love to be confident in the era of self-doubt, to struggle with by-products of “system education”, to fight for progress, to seek alternatives, to transform my worldview through every single step on the way. Believe me; it is a restless life – to be a rebel teacher.

FYI, a teacher in this context is something radically different from what you imagine. To be honest, it is radically different from what I imagine too! My strategy now with the role of a teacher is not to give it any definition, but, rather, continue with a list of tasks and responsibilities.

One day a student asked me “What is your power as a teacher”? What is it, I thought? Most importantly, it is not power OVER somebody, but power with and within. Power of energy, I guess? The more energy I put in the learning process, the more power I project. Power to empower.

Coming back to the rebel me

Every day I rebel against myself, against conformity, against hopelessness and powerlessness.

I see DNS Teacher Training as a lifestyle which will challenge the concept of education in the world and help people like me to transform and find the unique kind of teacher within.

Either we rebel, or we don’t.


A rebel teacher at DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College
A rebel teacher at all times.

More Life After DNS

There are too many things I want to learn and share: being a teacher combines both – Svetlana, alumni and DNS Teacher

There are too many things I want to learn and share: being a teacher combines both – Svetlana, alumni and DNS Teacher

To choose the path of teaching took me some time, I must say. It started on my very first 1st of September, this is the day when the school year starts in Lithuania. I simply loved it. And I am not talking about the lessons and tests, but about all the kinds of people I got to interact with and about the learning process that was happening there, somehow in between lessons most of the time. Though I was in love with the school and Summer holidays always seemed too long of a break, I never thought I will become a teacher. It is now, when I reflect, I see lots of sense in my actions and choices that led me to choose this profession.


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