The Idea of DNS 


DNS  · The Necessary Teacher Training College provides non-traditional teacher education and offers a 4-year international bachelor in pedagogy in close cooperation with One World University, Mozambique.

The DNS programme combines hands-on experiences with theoretical knowledge, emphasising a learning by doing approach and community living.

The result is progressive teachers who can respond to the challenges of our time across social and cultural divisions, wherever it is needed – and that is everywhere.

Since DNS was established in 1972, over 1.000 teacher graduates have played an important role in bringing equitable quality education to children and youth, as well as developing education and development programmes worldwide.


The DNS programme combines hands-on experiences with theoretical knowledge, emphasising a learning by doing approach and community living.

Alumni · Eszter · DNS 2011

“I think I got used to unknown things…. and I now have the power to survive in any kind of situation, to figure out some kind of solution… I am kind of prepared for everything. But I miss my team!”

Alumni · Elo · DNS 2012

“People are different and have different boundaries. DNS helped me to realize that everybody has different limits, and we cannot ask everybody to do the same. This is what I use also a lot when I’m teaching.”

Alumni · Marta · DNS 2013

“DNS redefined the meaning of “teacher” for me.  A teacher is someone who inspires, challenges and cares, and I try to do that every day. I work at a specialised care home for people with psycho-social issues.”

Alumni · Kamal · DNS 2005

Kamal Ahamada graduated from DNS in 2009. In this video, he shares some insights into the DNS experience and how it influences his work as a teacher and community leader today.

Alumni · Justas · DNS 2014

“At some point I decided that I wanted to be a teacher who fights for justice and dignity together with the people. A teacher who is not limited by the four walls of a classroom – rather the opposite.”

Alumni · Nadezda · DNS 2013

“I want to be a good teacher and DNS taught me that it is only possible through a process of self-discovery and exploration. I followed that path since graduation and it takes me to places I could not have predicted.”

Overview of the programme

The 1st Year of DNS

The International Field of Practice

…where you will travel to western Africa in your own bus.

  • Travel overland to Guinea Bissau
  • Do field investigations
  • Learn about globalisation and capitalism
  • Share your experiences back in Europe

The 2nd Year of DNS

The European Field of Practice

…where you will experience & influence a local community somewhere in Europe.

  • Live in a European city with your team
  • Learn from the working class
  • Create campaigns to promote sustainability, peace & education in your local community

The 3rd Year of DNS

The School Reality

…where you will learn the trade of a Teacher

  • Teach in a school
  • Create projects with your students
  • Learn about pedagogical theories
  • Hone your skills to become Another Kind of Teacher

DNS • Tvind • Skorkærvej 8
6990 Ulfborg • Denmark
+45 20 35 23 54

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