2nd year: The European Reality

The aim of The European Reality is for the students to acquire an extensive knowledge and insight into european reality. It helps them as future teachers to understand the social context of their future students. The first year is divided into 3 periods, each with their own headlines, aims and content.

The second year has three periods in total:

EUROPEAN PERIOD – six months of working and living in a European city

The European Reality starts with a six-month period in a bigger European town/city, where the students aim to experience and understand the reality of Europeans by living and working and working in their town.

Students also participate in local initiatives, study, organise cultural events and carry out field investigations and actions. They identify and meet with young european leaders and carry out actions with their organisations.

How can we make a difference?
What impact can we have on our local community?
What is the young European leadership?
How do we do it?


STUDY PERIOD – three months of studies and exams 

The period in an European town is followed by three months of foundational studies, specialisations and exams back at the college.

The 2nd year’s curriculum consists of social science, political science, history, sustainability and natural science.

Community activities at the campus continue: organising sports and café evenings, cooking and gardening, spending time with residents at the care homes in the campus and enjoying the long Scandinavian evenings with walks on the beach and bonfire nights.



As a teacher, you need to know how to organise your time. You need to take stock of situations and to be able to identify the difference between idea and action – and the difference between knowing and doing. That’s why we have this period included in the teacher training programme.

In this period each student envisions their own ideas about what they benefit most from doing and then carries them out in practice.

Each student decides, individually or together with others, on the background if what they now know and where they stand:

What is the most appropriate for me to do for 3 months?


Karolina shares her experiences from her team’s European Reality period.
Indie is super excited about “Doing what you find most appropriate to do” and shares her thoughts about it.

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