Peace Justice

We create peace, when we fight prejudice and stereotypes, when we build bridges between each other. We create peace, when we liberate, emancipate ourselves from oppression. No peace without justice.

Am I a teacher?

If we want to change something, we need to take responsibility over the things around us. If we are to take responsibility over our society, we need to work together with the people around us.

Vegan lifestyle

Students at DNS take a great interest in food and sustainable lifestyles and diets.  Thus, having a vegan lifestyle has gained momentum at our college during the last years. Tvind is a vegan friendly campus.

What is poverty?

We have to deal with the uncomfortable fact that even if we are living on the lowest budget in our lifetime, we are still way richer than the majority of people around us. But I see them, and they see me.

The Bus. Our Bus.

You had never been interested in mechanics, and if something needed fixing, your father had done it, or you had called a plumber or an electrician. You were quite used to driving an ordinary car, but the mechanics of it?

DNS is not just a school

DNS is not just a school, but a program that becomes your life for 4 years and stays with you 4 ever. The demands are high and the programme challenges the students to abandon their comfort zones.

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