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Bachelor Monograph / Thesis

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The final monograph is written as a part of the curriculum in three pedagogical modules:


  • The Teacher and School of the 21st Century
  • The Pedagogy of OWU and DNS
  • The Science of the Doctrine of the Modern Method of Teaching and Learning
bachelor pedagogical sciences

More about the Bachelor Monograph


The monograph is a report you are working on throughout the DNS education. You research on a specific topic or work on a project, specific case which you go deeper in than the rest of your studies.

When you have formed the idea what you will write about you have to make sure that the topic is thought provoking, analytical and is full of discussion where theory and praxis go hand in hand.

The topic of the monograph is usually a close topic to the individual student and of course education.



Some examples

  • Global Citizenship
  • Creativity Wanted
  • Playing to Learn
  • Integrating Digital Technology in Teaching and Learning
  • Establishing Democracy at School
  • Integration and Inclusion in Public Schools
  • The Programme as an Educational Tool
  • Training for an Open Future


Completing the Bachelor of Pedagogical Sciences

By completing the bachelor monograph, or bachelor thesis, you also complete your teacher training and your bachelor of pedagogical sciences. You are now ready to apply your skills as a teacher / pedagogue / pedagogical practitioner / educator with a bag full of hands-on experiences, and tried and tested tools. No matter where you decide to go, your skills will be needed.

Non-traditional bachelor pedagogical sciences
At our teacher training college theoretical knowledge
is blended with hands-on experiences.

We emphasise a learning by doing approach
and practice community living.

Our aim is to train progressive teachers who can respond to the challenges of our time.

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