About Climate Justice Conference

CJC aditional pic

Once again DNS students surprised us with their initiatives of change! The Climate Justice Conference was developed this summer from the sprout of an idea to prepare for the global Climate Summit in Marrakesh.

Last weekend the conference maifested itself with many guests, speakers and workshop facilitators. During the conference we talked about fossil fuels & their future, renewable energy, connection between poverty and climate, upcycling, alternative climate compliant diets, civil disobedience actions & climate activism, politics, power & change. We cooked vegan meals, discussed our lifestyle and learned about the ways to move the whole world towards “greener” tomorrow.

"The focus must not be only on financial compensation, but also on restorative justice, understood as the restitution of integrity to our Mother Earth and all its beings." World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, People's Agreement, April 22, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Now we know that Climate Justice Conference in Tvind is an event dedicated to students, educators, activists, artists, farmers, members of NGO's and all of those, seeking to raise their personal awareness and knowledge about environment. See you next year!