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Our starting point is that the world needs teachers: Teachers who travel and know the world’s diversity, teachers who are able to act and to stand up for other people, teachers who are moved by passion and understand that the world can – and should - be a better place, for all its living beings.
By training Another kind of Teachers, we are pathing the way to empower other people because knowledge and awareness are the main tools for change and improve our surroundings, and the world. If a person does not know about a certain issue, how can a person change it? Teaching and creating awareness are our main allies in this big challenge that we should all, citizens of the world, be responsible for.
The ways that we teach are not always predictable, as well as, the ways that we learn. However, one thing we know for sure: at DNS, teachers and students learn from each other, constantly. The old, and outdated, idea that the teacher is the main figure in the classroom does not suit us. At DNS, the student is at the centre of her education and the teacher has, indeed, more experience about certain matter but surely, not about all the matters. However, some of our teaching methods involve lively and interactive lessons, from teachers, other students or guest speakers as well as the use of modern technologies where students use media, documentaries and good movies to get certain knowledge. In addition, students are part of the Big Events at Tvind, where they can debate and learn about the big issues of our time, such as Climate Change and World Peace.
Besides that, at DNS, we use to say that “The world is our classroom” which means we have something to learn with any situation and any person in the world.
Through our pedagogy, our community life and our DMM system, we assure that students have both, the theoretical and the practical tools, to become Another kind of Teachers that are prepared to make a difference in other people lives.
Everybody is welcome to start being a student at our school since we do not have any preferences regarding age, background, gender, religion, sexual preferences, etc. Here, everybody is welcome as far as they fulfil our school’s admission conditions. However, currently, most our students are young adults, from Europe, that like (or want to learn how to like) challenges and that want to contribute, somehow, to a better world.
Not all the students that enrol DNS have the idea of being a teacher in the future, but all the DNS graduated students are aware that we are all teachers, even if we don’t follow Teaching as our profession.