Help us host classical music artists

We are looking for volunteers to help us host a symphony orchestra, a choir and soloists who are preparing themselves for a big classical music concert.

The camp starts on the 20nd of January and lasts until the 26th. The food and accommodation would be covered by the organisers. You would only need to pay the transport to the campus and back. The camp consists of 30 people from all around Europe with cultural programmes in the evening and preparation time throughout the day.


What is the Winter Concert?

The Winter Concert is one of our big annual events! It involves professional musicians, dancers and singers from all over the word performing unique compositions on our international stage.

The artists involve many students and teachers in their performances and bring them closer to the world of classical music, traditional dance and contemporary art. In our school centre we have students with handicaps and with challenging backgrounds, besides this concert being for all public, it is also to bring a high level of culture for the most marginalised part of society.

DNS College students are helping to organise this event by preparing the concert hall, stage, lights, accommodation, food and all the details a music festival requires. No doubt this arrangement is an ultimate learning experience for future teachers and a high quality cultural programme for young spectators.


When and where

January 20 – 26 2020. The 19th being the arrival day and the 27th the departure day

The Tvind Campus where performers are accommodated,  (rehearsals are done in the sports hall)  and the Musikteatret (the concert hall) in Holstebro.


Host of the event

“Tvinds Kunstforening” with Sune Jørgensen in the lead are responsible for the programme elements, booking of artists and taking care of the contents of the concert.

DNS College with PTG International Youth College are responsible for looking after the artists and other guests.


How can I get involved?

Volunteers are needed to help organise the “rehearsal camp”. This entails preparing the sports hall so a symphony orchestra can rehearse there, cooking delicious food, cleaning, washing dishes and keeping the place nice and tidy.

Volunteers are needed to support and host soloist who need personal assistance before and during the concert.


What’s in it for me?

A lot of fun and many new friends – and valuable experience. And:

You will receive food and accommodation.
You will get close to the world of classical music.
You will be able to attend parts of the concert.
You will receive a document stating what tasks you have undertaken as a volunteer.



Fill this form and express your interest, and we will get back to you with more details within 3 days

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