Peace Justice Conference 2019

Why Peace Justice Conference?

The world is in desperate need of peace and events that promote peace.

At The Necessary Teacher Training College we also know that the world is full of good people and many good initiatives. This conference aims to fulfil the urgent need of connecting the dots: connect the people with our beautiful world’s diversity, connect the strong will power of many citizens with the practical actions that, one day, will make history, connect the wisdom and awareness with our daily lives and – all together – strive for a better world: where wars of all kinds, and violence, will no longer have space and place to be.


When and where

10 – 12 May, 2019 at the Tvind Campus where speakers and contributors are accommodated, as well as, participants and volunteers. The campus is located nearby Ulfborg, in Denmark.


Hosts of the event

DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College is the main host and organiser of the event, together with PTG International Youth College. When organising this event, we also cooperate closely with CICD – College for International Co-Operation and Development, One World Institute Norway and One World Center in Lindersvold, Denmark.


How can YOU get involved?

This conference is based on different contributions from different people. Main speakers, speakers, workshop hosts, event organisers, participants and volunteers.

This means that you can join us, as a volunteer, to help to organise the conference (by taking care of practicalities such as food, cleaning, washing dishes, setting up the conference area, decorating the place, and enjoy the good programme together).

Or you can apply to join us as a contributor, in case you are passionate about a topic regarding peace justice and you would like to share your views with an audience, in a form of speech or workshop.

Or you can, of course, decide to simply visit us as a participant to enjoy the good food, company and extraordinary programme!


If you come as a volunteer:

You will gain a lot of knowledge, be inspired by a community of people doing something good for the world, have a lot of fun, many new friends and a great and valuable experience. And:

  • You will receive food and accommodation.
  • You will get closer to the world of Peace Justice but also community living and strive for sustainability.
  • You will get to know what Another Kind of School is.
  • You will be able to attend (the majority) of the three-day conference.
  • You will receive a document stating what tasks you have undertaken as a volunteer.


Interested in being a contributor?

Send us an e-mail to and you will be sent a form where you can tell us more about the topic you want to talk about, or the workshop that you want to host. We will look through all applications and happily select those who are ready to inspire others and give a good and unique contribution to the conference.


Interested in being participant?

Send us an e-mail to and you will be sent a form where you can apply for coming as participant. Remember you will have the opportunity to enjoy the whole three-day event, the good company and the healthy food. If you decide to visit us as a participant, keep in mind that we can provide you accommodation and transport, if agreed previously.

Visit our website from last years conference to get a feeling how the conference looks like here (The new one is on the way). If you have any questions contact us in the form bellow and we will get back to you with more details.

*The programme for the conference is in process of of being developed.

More events where you can get involved…

Winter Concert · January 2019

We are looking for volunteers to help us host a symphony orchestra, a choir and soloists who are preparing themselves for a big classical music concert.

Volunteer at legendary Tvindkraft

With its size and modern technology Tvindkraft showed the way for wind energy and became world famous. 40 years on, it still needs to be developed and maintained.

DNS External Promoter

We are looking for people who would like to promote our unique college and spread the word about the possibility to study at our school.

Volunteer at “Tvind Olympics”

More than 60 sports disciplines and other activities need to be organised to create two action packed fun filled days for 500 participants.

Hot Air Balloon Championships

In August 2018 Hot Air Balloon Team Tvind will host the Danish Championships and Nordic Open in Hot Air Ballooning for the second time.

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