Saving Up Pre-Course · A solution for you?

During the four years of teacher training at the DNS College, students earn and spend money together, since they have a shared economy on their team.

To start the education programme, each student must contribute the tuition fee to the shared economy. If students are not able to come up with the full amount – they have the opportunity to join our Saving Up Pre-Course, where they will be able to earn the money together, as a team.

Who can join the Saving Up Pre-Course?

People who cannot save up enough money for the tuition fee in their home countries can apply to join the Saving Up Pre-Course team. You need to be flexible and up for trying out whatever job you can get, but together with your team mates at the Savin Up Pre-Course you are in a better position to find solutions.

What kind of jobs can I get?

DNS has cooperated with employers in Denmark for a number of years. Depending on your skills and previous experience – and what needs the employers have at the moment – the teacher at the Saving Up Pre-Course will work with you to find a good position for you. Here are som examples of jobs DNS’ers have had in the last few years:

  • driver
  • care worker / assistant at care home
  • building / construction work
  • cooking / cleaning
  • farm work / gardening
  • English teacher


When does the Saving Up team start?

The Saving Up Pre-Course starts every year in in September, to allow participants a whole year to prepare for and save up for the tuition fee. If you already have some funds to pay for tuition,  you can start later. Please contact us so we can discuss your situation and make a plan. The earlier you come, the better opportunities you will have to get “more interesting” jobs.

At the beginning of your Saving Up period, you will have a week’s introduction at DNS, to familiarise yourself with the teachers and the college.

Benefits of joining the Saving Up Pre-Course

The participants on the Saving Up Pre-Course meet for a study weekend at DNS once a month. At the study weekend you will do activities with your team and other DNS teams, such as sports and music. Your teacher will give introductory courses to relevant topics, and there is time to talk about challenges and reflections.

Apart from securing funding for your education, here are some added benefits of joining the Saving Up pre-course:

  • Build your team
  • Improve your English
  • Learn Danish
  • Gain valuable experience
  • Have the chance to have affordable education abroad 🙂

No money?

Now it is possible to join the Saving Up Pre-course and earn money for your tuition together with you team.

I learned so much from my saving up job, where I worked with young people with challenging behaviour.  I had the opportunity to see things from their perspective, which was a first for me.

Without a doubt I can use this experience in my future work as a teacher.

– Inés, DNS 2017

Since I had previous experience with construction work, I had the opportunity to work on different redecorating projects….
A lot of plastering and painting but also mounting ceiling panels.

– Tina

Affordable Education Abroad

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