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People should have the power to decide upon their situation and the development in the world. We have technologically advanced societies, tools and economy for creating a better world. Anyway, we experience centralisation of money and power, increasing inequalities, poverty, conflicts, wars, and climate changes. Popular movements are confronting this, but it requires efforts of many people, demanding and acting, to make a change.
There is a need for empowering people, and teachers are important in this endeavour. Being a teacher is to make changes available for students: new knowledge, new skills, social capacity,
cultural insight, and a basis for taking a stand to world's issues. The teacher's work is to do this together with all involved, in solidarity, and being ready for doing what is necessary to gain an active and meaningful life for people, and communities. At DNS, we connect this way of being a teacher with the aim of making the world become a better place for all, with a focus on the poor, and the unfortunate.
Thus, an important part of the DNS program is to take action, and to create real positive changes for people. Throughout the program, the students are constantly learning by doing and gaining real hands on experiences. Organizing big events for hundreds of people, such as Peace Conference, Olympic games etc. gives students in DNS the possibility to gain important experiences in what it takes to prepare and carry out such events.
During the Bringing It to the Public period, skills in communicating an important message out to the public are developed. And an important part of the bus travel, is a “doing good period”, where each team makes a direct contribution together with people in a poor African community.
Students at DNS are also constantly encouraged to be local activists. Organizing international culture evenings to bring people together, inviting for political debates, making activities with children or with refugees and much more.
Our common life at Tvind campus also trains the students in taking action. Students and teachers run the school together and this is no small task. Maintaining buildings and park, organizing evening programs, shopping, cleaning, findings solutions to economic challenges, teaching each, growing our own vegetables, caring for the students at the heart chambers and so much more. It all requires people who take responsibility and who act.
So if you want to participate actively in creating a better world. Then DNS might be the place for you!