Dear Friends,

Amid this global pandemic, while our college has been affected in different ways (we will mention below), we are healthy and our students and teachers are doing well.

While this virus affects us, it is important to realize, that many live in such and even worse restrictions or circumstances is a daily reality.

Nevertheless, it is startling to see how the virus reveals the reality of how closely connected our society is. When a virus that transmits through contact and items one touches – to become a global emergency in just a few months, it makes us realize how interdependent we are, each and one of us in a globalized society.

For DNS the virus means that:

  • Our Peace Justice 2020 conference that usually takes place in May is cancelled. We are looking into alternatives.
  • The preparatory weekend in April and May are cancelled. We will share about the other preparatory weekends at a later point.
  • Our saving up team who are working in different schools in Denmark, are sticking together with the schools centers that ensure that everyone is safe.
  • DNS team 2019 Bring it to the public period will have to take place in another form than traveling and giving presentations. 
  • DNS 2018 are in their European Reality Period are currently living in Gothenburg, and we are monitoring the situation closely to make sure that they are safe.
  • Our Teaching Practice team DNS 2017 are sticking together with the school centers. In our teaching practice schools we work with challenged youth, who also live in the schools, and therefore the programme and activities continue for them.
  • Our Dayschool and PTG boarding school had to call off our travel to Botswana and come back early.
  • At the Tvind school centre we are limiting visits from the outside and working on creating rich cultural programmes in small groups in the campus. We need things that uplift our spirit amid this crisis.

Our main common task now – is to do our best to mitigate the spread of the virus and to stick together with our students, friends and families in a time of uncertainty.

Take care of yourself and those around you.

Justas and The Teachers Council at DNS


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