Shared Economy

Earning money is an integral part of the DNS education.

DNS has a shared economy - shared responsibility for earnings and shared responsibility for expenses.

All the money your team earns is put into a shared account, and all your team expenses are paid from that account. This includes: school fees (tuition), rent, food and pocket money.

Why Shared Economy?

At DNS we have made up our minds regarding the amounts we can invest together and additionally calculated what it will cost to fulfil our program multiplied with the amount of students in the group.

This way we can ensure that many young people with totally different backgrounds and preconditions, are empowered to fulfil a demanding program - and at the same time enable them to pay for the course, without ending up completely in debt.

It shall be mentioned also, that each and every one of us make goal for how much we have to earn in order to secure that we have the necessary amount of money to run our program.