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Shared Economy

Would you dare to imagine a place where the economy is not a burden, but a responsibility – uniting people instead of splitting them? 

What about a school where all students have the same financial possibilities and manage their income and expenses together?

At our non-traditional school, we think that money should not be impeditive for studies, but a tool that students can use to make their education better. For that reason, no one in our teacher education programme must be alone in managing own finances! Here, everybody is responsible for their SHARED ECONOMY.

The concept of Shared Economy is as old as DNS education itself. Because since the very beginning students realised that they can achieve great things if they put their income together. They can buy buses, travel for months, pay their accommodation, food, the school fees, and so much more!

Currently, many young people struggle to finance their education. Many end up being financially dependent either on their parents, a bank loan or a part-time job. At DNS College, we want to do things differently and make education affordable!

Imagine a box, where every student puts the salary at the end of the month. Every student contributes financially to the box and, at the same time, every student spends the money from the box. In this way, everybody from the team will be able to cover all their expenses: food, accommodation, transportation, study-related expenses, vaccinations, visas, insurance, pocket money and anything that is necessary for their education programme. Starting from the saving-up period until the last day of the programme – the team shares and controls their economy.

At DNS, we have Shared Economy because we think that education is for all and not only for those who can afford it. Shared Economy has also a great pedagogical value for our students, who learn since the beginning how to make important decisions regarding money and how to take leadership and responsibilities. We established an economic system where every single individual takes care of the Shared Economy, and the Shared Economy takes care of every single individual.