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Knowledge empowers people and, at DNS, we think that people who are aware of the world we live in are the ones who can (and should?), actually, improve it. Being aware of the world does not only mean to read books, articles and watch documentaries but it also means to travel, to talk with people from different countries and to face, from a closer perspective, the different realities that people live in.
The world we live in is, from the other side, getting more connected as globalisation is, currently, on its peak: it is easier to travel, to talk with somebody from the other side of the world, to buy products made in other countries, to read news and to be aware of the problems that people are facing in different areas. Due to that reason, DNS also trains global teachers that learn to travel and travel to learn, that explore and question, that combine theory and practice and that acquire the needed tools to start improving the world: locally and globally. DNS trains teachers that take into their hands the responsibility of being active global citizens that seek for solutions for improving the lives of the many people of the world.
The students, at DNS, are “on the driver’s seat” and that expression means that are the students who decide, together with the team and teachers, when and how they want to study what. The theoretical studies take a big part of the whole education and, in total, there are nineteen different theoretical subjects that take the students into different areas such as Pedagogy, Politics, Epistemology, Horticulture, History, Biology and many others. 
The study method adopted by the college is called DMM (Doctrine of the Modern Method) which is basically a method that combines three different learning opportunities: studies, experiences and courses.