• bustravel in Africa, study trip to investigate this Continent
  • One of the most exiting trip in DNS students life - bus trip in Africa
  • Another kind of teacher
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  • Sahara..
  • DNS 2011 reached Guinea Bissau, bustravel in 2011
  • e074
  • Endija, DNS 2012
  • IMG 3437
  • Calou DNS 2009 with one of his students
  • We build, work and study together
  • Global studies
  • Smiles of Africa
  • African kids wants to learn
  • Amazing travel DNS 2012
  • DNS in Himalaya, study trip for difficult youngsters
  • sometimes it is just fun
  • We have an ecological garden
  • New and happy Team DNS 2013
  • School center using renwable energy, windmill- our star
  • Alternative education: Study trip in Africa. Teams are going there by buses!
  • Study trip in Africa: Learn to travel, travel to learn
  • DNS educates another kind of teachers
  • Alternative education: Learning by Doing
  • Out of comfort zone - part of alternative education
  • Global studies: We travel to learn, to meet new people
  • A humble way of travelling and meeting people. Global studies.
  • Best teaching experiences!
  • Real students, real difficulties - the best experience
  • Combination of theoretical and practical studies
  • Different study methods
  • Alternative education: Travel to learn, Learn to travel
  • Reality: The World needs teachers
  • Future teachers on a study trip with difficult youngsters, DNS in Himalaya
  • We think that you should enjoy studies, DNS in China
  • Tvindkraft – our school center uses renewable energy sources: windmill, solar panels.

DNS Advanced Teacher Training Program in Pedagogy

Deadline for Team 2014 : 1 September 2014
Open to: Active youth with an EU passport who want to live, volunteer, study, travel, work and obtain a BA teachers education through a learning-by-doing approach. You need 12 years of schooling.
Scholarship: Saving-up period for your scholarship