Tuuliki · DNS 2018


I am from a small country called Estonia (preferably referred to as a Nordic country) where I had to face various challenges growing up but never felt quite satisfied with a responses I got. Simple questions in a classroom, vital decisions in real life and it repeatedly came down to social validation.

When everyone hinged on to the masquerade that honored the standards of the everyday life I never felt I could live up to that. I did not feel the system back then, the rules that apply in schools as well as communities support the self-growth of an individual; it still seems to be a lot easier to refer to everyone as a copy, a reproduction.

Without warning, I broke the rules and chose to travel, and for the first time I felt that I was free to learn, free from any boundaries, able to check the perimeter and test my limits. Pulling me as far as I could reach also meant a vast amount of new information about the world, about different cultures and most of all, people.

All of sudden I began to realize what I could do with the answers I had found. I noticed how my self-growth also had an effect on someone else’s, I saw connections between every decision you make, feelings and actions. I have always been interested in mathematics but the new formulas I found related to psychology fascinated me far and beyond.

When you think of all of that endless information, all of those cultures and experiences from different people in one classroom you can slowly begin to imagine what the program in DNS is about. Only a fraction of the education is learned in a single room, and the rest you can come up with yourself. I am only now beginning to comprehend how many ideas, thoughts to pursue, perceptions and opinions I have that I am ready to develop and execute.

DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College - non-traditional university

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Milo · Teacher at DNS

My passion for learning makes me invest quite some time in finding out new things, new ways and new processes and, of course, my passion for learning made me become a teacher.

Egle · Teacher at DNS

“Education must empower us to lead our own life, develop social connections, lift people up and bring them together. It must minimize the chances of being manipulated or becoming actors in someone else’s play.”

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