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I graduated DNS Teacher Training College just under two years ago and here are a few lessons I learned there:

  1. The learning process never stops.
  2. A person will never have enough knowledge.
  3. All knowledge must be applied.

Those are drops in the ocean of all the things I could list, but they are the driving force behind my current occupation.


Urban Green Festival in Gurgaon, India

The last four months I am organising an Urban Green Festival with Humana People to People NGO and local active citizens of New Delhi and Gurgaon, India.

Six different projects became part of the preparations – three schools for out of school children, one girl-empowerment project, teacher training college & slum street-play group. With all of them, we spent two months learning about the environment and climate change.

Well, it was an exciting process for both parties! I practised my pedagogical skills and they discovered the extent of their creativity! Minimum language, maximum action!

Then, the practical side of the festival. Budget, venue, participants, partners etc.

Now, I and my teammate (who started the whole thing and joined me recently) have one month to finalise the preparations and complete the mission.

Was it hard? – YES.

Was it exciting, challenging, thrilling, educative, fun, practical, full of inspiration experience? – YES!

I want to be a good teacher and DNS taught me that it is only possible through a process of self-discovery and exploration. I followed that path since graduation and it takes me to places I could not have predicted.

Those are uncomfortable and scary places – places, where learning happens.


DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College - non-traditional university

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Alumni · Eszter · DNS 2011

“I think I got used to unknown things…. and I now have the power to survive in any kind of situation, to figure out some kind of solution… I am kind of prepared for everything. But I miss my team!”

Alumni · Elo · DNS 2012

“People are different and have different boundaries. DNS helped me to realize that everybody has different limits, and we cannot ask everybody to do the same. This is what I use also a lot when I’m teaching.”

Alumni · Marta · DNS 2013

“DNS redefined the meaning of “teacher” for me.  A teacher is someone who inspires, challenges and cares, and I try to do that every day. I work at a specialised care home for people with psycho-social issues.”

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