Maksim · DNS 2018


“You must become the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

With this in mind let me tell you my story.


Since my childhood years, it was hard to describe my nationality. I’ve grown up in a solo Russian-speaking family; my mother came from Poland, whereas my father had a nomadic origin going back to the land of Caucasus. Yet, I was born and raised in Lithuania. The combination of all this helped me to realize that there is no such thing as nationality; it is nothing more than a construct created in “the cave”, and therefore it has no value once you step out into the sunlight. The universe has no borders, like most of the problems people face it is something that we created ourselves. But, if that is true, why associate yourself with an imaginary line on the map created by people, shaped by violence and despair?

The most common question I’ve received since I started was, and still is, “Why did you come to DNS?” Honestly, the answer to this will vastly differentiate depending on which part of my lives journey you’ll encounter me. But two points in the answer will remain the same:

1) I have strong faith in education, thus it is a vital part of shaping a character; plus it is a key to countless problems humankind is facing nowadays. And I personally want to consider myself a teacher in one way or another;

2) I’m here because I believe that I’m destined to be here. Coincidences are not coincident. My personal experience taught me that some things you truly understand only after they have taken place. We and all the things that occur and shape us is just a piece in Gods puzzle.

Once I’ve had to decide: will I live for myself or for the others. I choose to go down the rabbit hole and went with the second option.

In this catastrophe of worldly issues that we are living in today, I want to leave as much of a positive footprint as possible.


“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” – Martin Luther


I’m sure that DNS is a place that teaches you some of lives most important lessons and sets you on a path your heart desires. Here you can learn how to communicate and cooperate with all sorts of different people, how to unmask yourself and talk frankly to others in order to complete a common task. How to change and overcome challenges you normally wouldn’t encounter. In other words: to become a better person.

DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College - non-traditional university

Meet more Humans of DNS

Jack · DNS 2019

I hope DNS will teach me the essential pedagogical skills that I will need in order to become the effective activist that I want to become, who uses education as a tool of mobilisation.

Borbála · DNS 2019

I feel it’s a key point to keep questioning what has been considered a norm. I would like to immerse myself into what we assume about learning and teaching and search for alternatives.

Roisin · DNS 2019

I have decided to join DNS for many reasons – one being that after my many adventures I have come to realise how important education is and that it plays a key role in societal change.

Egle · Teacher at DNS

“Education must empower us to lead our own life, develop social connections, lift people up and bring them together. It must minimize the chances of being manipulated or becoming actors in someone else’s play.”

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