Laura · DNS 2018


I am from a small province called Catalonia, located to the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, beautiful for its mountains called the Pyrenees and the beaches of the Mediterranean coast.

I have lived all my life in this place where I have felt very comfortable and I have grown up, studied and worked as a teacher of special education. Even so, I’ve always liked traveling to discover new places, new cultures, people and other ways of living, so whenever I had an opportunity to travel to the different countries of the world, I took it.

Although I really liked my job and it has taught me many things, I felt that I still had many things to do, see and learn. I wanted to travel and get to know the world, that’s why I was looking for a project where I could travel and learn at the same time. That’s when a friend of mine recommended me DNS and it seemed very fitting for me. I read more about the program and visited the school and it turned out that it fulfilled all the expectations I had. So I decided to come. Right now, I am very happy to have taken this decision and I want to start this new stage of my life.

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Finally, I know I am ready to engage any adventure, and since I was little I loved to talk in public, share, learn and teach. So, then when I found out about DNS it was the light at the end of the tunnel.


Without warning, I broke the rules and chose to travel, and for the first time I felt that I was free to learn, free from any boundaries, able to check the perimeter and test my limits. Pulling me as far as I could reach.

Svetlana, teacher

Today, we need debates about feminism, peace, ecology, social movements, and much more. Creative alternative education offers each of us new perspectives and new ways of understanding.

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