Laura · DNS 2017

I’m a growing human being that happens to be labeled as female, Portuguese and 19 years old.

After finishing both high school and the constitution of my financial independence, I took my time to get out of my comfort, known zone and to travel driven by curiosity to explore myself and different realities and cultures on this planet.
Traveling, volunteering and working.

I went through a lot of different experiences, each one touching me close, shocking or amazing me, always transforming me. And transformation I don’t see as an event but much more as a wave. Wait, I said one? Many waves!

An ever rolling set of it! And there are things that we can catch while surfing it and others only in the floating quietness between sets. So I can say I’m still taking a lot of lessons from my former lived experiences… while I keep on living… forming new ones to learn upon… So you see, one can never get bored, it’s wonderful!

In fact, I’ve not only independently traveled physically from Denmark to Guinea-Bissau, but from challenging assumptions and conditions over my individuality to concrete and abstract, micro and macro perspectives over humanity’s painting.

Thus, among many considerations, I was compelled to join DNS program to learn another way to learn – regarding its environment, methodology, systematization & application – where, as an example, we find the value given to experiences and its enlightened learning virtue, to the ever present awareness of our learning process and the responsibility shift to the student over its development.

Something from so many angles distinct from the conventional education, where students are handled as passive receivers of knowledge, cultivated depend on teachers and shaped into society (market, corporations) “needs” (or greedy interests, one can call it), which of course, also shape the course of our Human History, cultures, perceptions of reality and the way of humans, living beings, members of a falling biodiversity, to Be.

Finally, I believe that education plays a fundamental role in the development of both the individual and the community – elements that are inexorably conditioned (without being exclusively determined) by it.

And, from my current perspective, after DNS, we’ve grown to be capable, involved citizens, able to take and share constructive experiences from each situation – a must, resilient capacity to master in our ever changing and uncertain world and lives.


DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College - non-traditional university

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Roisin · DNS 2019

I have decided to join DNS for many reasons – one being that after my many adventures I have come to realise how important education is and that it plays a key role in societal change.

Milo · Teacher at DNS

My passion for learning makes me invest quite some time in finding out new things, new ways and new processes and, of course, my passion for learning made me become a teacher.

Egle · Teacher at DNS

“Education must empower us to lead our own life, develop social connections, lift people up and bring them together. It must minimize the chances of being manipulated or becoming actors in someone else’s play.”

Nadežda · Teacher at DNS

I see DNS Teacher Training as a lifestyle which will challenge the concept of education in the world and help people like me to transform and find the unique kind of teacher within. Either we rebel or we don’t.

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