I dream about a world where people don’t fight for territory, resources, borders. A world, where people are happy to see each other, regardless their skin color. A World, where they don’t meassure you…


Eternity is just moments glued together by the web of togetherness. And change is an always present constant. So, we all eventually go through it. Some people change to become what they are meant to be…


I was compelled to join DNS program to learn another way to learn – regarding its environment, methodology, systematization & application – where, as an example, we find value given to experiences.


I look forward to spending the coming years with the awesome guys that I have met so far. I know for a fact we are going to have an amazing time and discover so so much! Hope you all enjoyed reading this – PEACE OUT!


If you never jump into the pool you will never learn to swim! So here I am trying a new experience and learning as much as possible from myself and all the people I am meeting through this path we build day by day.


I have had the desire to become a teacher for several years. It has accompanied me along my university course, in the time which I devoted to theatre, music and volunteering. With DNS, I started a new life path.


I truly believe that this kind of education can give you something that you can lean on the rest of your life. All those beautiful people who will be a part of your journey will teach you more than any book could have. 


I think I’m open minded, passionate about everything and people say that my smile captures my positive character! I really like arts and nature, especially forests! Also, I’m a scout, it’s a lifestyle!


By contributing our galaxies to each other, we can create something very unique, alternative and special together. People that want to complete other people’s vision are very important today.


“Why did you come to DNS?” Honestly, the answer to this will vastly differentiate depending on which part of my lives journey you’ll encounter me. But two points in the answer will remain the same…


I have never been a good boy listening to what to do and how to do it. I was a kind of a rebel against the school system at my high school. I have been fascinated by an idea of being in charge of my own education.


My name is Gabija and I’m an optimistic Lithuanian who likes to sleep and eat cepelinai. Before joining DNS I lived in the little town of Visaginas. I wanted more than that and decided to go to Denmark.


My name is Dona, and I come from a small country named Croatia. Although, I never felt like a Croatian; I never felt like I belong anywhere. My parents would always make jokes and say I’m like a gypsy…


We are not static beings, we are constantly finding and reinventing ourselves through all our experiences. That is where I’m going to: any way that leads to my daily reinvention. Nothing compares to experience!


I couldn’t see myself continuing in the French program in which I’ve been educated. For as long as I remember, I always criticized this system in which competition is the key to success.

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Skorkærvej 8, 6990 Ulfborg, Denmark

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