Hanna · DNS 2018


Hey, everyone!

I am Hanna from a magical country called Hungary. I am a smiley, well most of the time( if not then you can blame the weather) crazy girl who loves to be active and just do things to make some changes.


Before I have arrived here I did as much traveling as I could and somehow I found happiness in exploring, you know like just getting lost in the world. It makes me so energised when I get to know new people and it is mind-blowing, at least to me, to see how other cultures work.


After my gap year, I arrived at a crossroad in my life, there is so much that you can do and I had my own list but then DNS appeared from out of the blue and became my final choice. I think it is an opportunity to challenge myself and through this somehow grow and become a better person in our little world.


And maybe…one day find a way how can we make it to a better place. I truly believe that this kind of education can give you something that you can lean on the rest of your life and all those beautiful people who will be a part of your journey will teach you more than any kind of book could have.


Soooo…. can’t wait to meet you and let’s do something crazy (in a good way) thing together


P.s. I am obsessed with movies, books, and art in general…just to have a tiny personal part!


DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College - non-traditional university

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I hope DNS will teach me the essential pedagogical skills that I will need in order to become the effective activist that I want to become, who uses education as a tool of mobilisation.

Borbála · DNS 2019

I feel it’s a key point to keep questioning what has been considered a norm. I would like to immerse myself into what we assume about learning and teaching and search for alternatives.

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I have decided to join DNS for many reasons – one being that after my many adventures I have come to realise how important education is and that it plays a key role in societal change.

Egle · Teacher at DNS

“Education must empower us to lead our own life, develop social connections, lift people up and bring them together. It must minimize the chances of being manipulated or becoming actors in someone else’s play.”

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