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Eternity is just moments glued together by the web of togetherness. And change is an always present constant. So, we all eventually go through it. Some people change to become what they are meant to be, and some we change so that we can stay the same.

Volume number  – who keeps count- of my life began with a change. My desire for it brought forth a torrent of destinations, end goals and dreams but never a trail to them. And to be honest, I never felt courageous enough to make one for myself. So, I turned my look around and in the end I found a path walked by a special few.

A path with so many different set of footprints, walked by so many wanderers before me. Yet, as every foot left a sign, none was ever covered by another. These, once lonely, travelers all found space to walk together, united on the same path, on their way to change. The mirroring horizon was like a so familiar dream, and in the distance you could see so many people. Smiling people, people of all ages passing the torch of knowledge back and forth, people from all around the globe dancing and singing in so many different languages yet somehow they all make a perfect symphony.

Now that you saw yourself in the horizon, check on the ground for a moment. I am Evangelos from Greece, and one of the fresh footprints is my own. I am a member of the team DNS 2018, or as I like to call it team “Con-fusion”. A team of extraordinary people bonding “together” for the next years of their life, as everyone brings their own flavor into the “fusion”.

So, I do now dare you to look for your mirror image into the horizon, and bring your flavour into our mix. Your truth, as ours, will be waiting in that long awaited destination. As I advised myself in the past, when looking down the cliff of uncertainty, take a leap of faith or even push yourself if needed. The fall might be scary, but all of us we’ll be there to catch you.

“A last advice from an aspiring teacher
Be brave enough to confront your fears
You are one of us, a magical creature
Let’s spend together our next three years.”

P.S.: You may always call me Evans.


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Finally, I know I am ready to engage any adventure, and since I was little I loved to talk in public, share, learn and teach. So, then when I found out about DNS it was the light at the end of the tunnel.


I am from a small province called Catalonia, located to the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, beautiful for its mountains called the Pyrenees and the beaches of the Mediterranean coast.


Without warning, I broke the rules and chose to travel, and for the first time I felt that I was free to learn, free from any boundaries, able to check the perimeter and test my limits. Pulling me as far as I could reach.


If you never jump into the pool you will never learn to swim! So here I am trying a new experience and learning as much as possible from myself and all the people I am meeting through this path we build day by day.


My name is Marta, I am from beautiful and sunny Portugal. If you must know something about me it is that I am a hard-working dreamer who never settles. As I grew older I came to understand the power of education.


I truly believe that this kind of education can give you something that you can lean on the rest of your life. All those beautiful people who will be a part of your journey will teach you more than any book could have. 

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