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Find students, earn money

We are looking for people who would like to promote our unique college and spread the word about the possibility to study at our school.

We are aware that internet advertisement does not reach as far as human interaction. Therefore, we are searching for people who would introduce DNS to other people in different places of the world. Simply put, we are searching for people who would help us to find more DNS students. And we believe that anyone can do it!

If you become a DNS External Promoter, you will be paid up to €230 per student who joins our programme as a result of your promotion efforts.

When and where

You can join anytime and from anywhere – from your home; your workplace; from you travels to new destinations; it’s up to you.

Host of the programme

The Promotion Office at DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College are in close contact with External Promoters and will be your promotion partners.


How can I get involved?

After you share your interest in becoming an external promoter, we will provide you with all necessary information and answer all your questions. All the materials will be sent to you, together with a tutorial video about our college, to make sure that your understanding of what DNS is about is clear. As a next step, we will have a Skype meeting with you; you will sign a contract with us and from there on, you will be ready to start!

DNS External Promoter

Please feel free to ask us anything and we will come back to you as soon as possible.
    We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and will at no point share them with any 3rd party. We will store your data in secure locations that comply with GDPR (European Data Protection Regulation). You can at any time withdraw your consent by writing to info@dns-tvind.dk – we will then remove your data from our database. By accepting this, you give consent that we can store your personal details up to 4 years.

More events where you can get involved…

DNS Camp

DNS Camp

This "DNS crash course" serves the purpose to create a learning space where DNS' values, pedagogy and the idea of the 21st century teacher could be explored.

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