Admission requirements

Admission requirements for teacher training at DNS · The Necessary Teacher Training College which provides international non-traditional initial teacher training.

1. You need to have an EU Passport

An Icelandic, Norwegian or Swiss passport is also sufficient.

2. You need to have A’ levels or equivalent

A certificate or education comparable to a secondary school leaving qualification after 12 years of schooling.
(Danish “HF”, French “bac”, German “abitur”, Finnish “lukio”, Polish “matura”, etc.)

3. English language proficiency

All studies, discussions, teaching and learning will be held in English, therefore you need to have sufficient proficiency in spoken and written English.

4. You need to agree with our no drugs, no alcohol policy

Former users of heavy drugs, including prolonged use of recreational drugs, must have been clean for a minimum of 18 months prior to starting the programme, including optional saving-up period.

5. You need to take part in a Preparatory Weekend and visit DNS in Denmark before you enrol

Read more about the preparatory weekends.

6. You need to have a successful admission interview


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