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DNS 2018


The 2018 team are gathering! The first ones that arrived are now in Saving-Up period - designed for students who are not able to come up with the full tuition fee. They are earning the money together! There are still a few vacant spaces on the team so feel free to fill in and application form here.
You can read more about them below!

Meet the students on DNS 2018


Hanna from Hungary

Hey, everyone! I am Hanna from a magical country called Hungary. I am a smiley, well most of the time( if not then you…

Ruslan from Lithuania

Bonjour people! My name is Ruslan and I came to DNS from Lithuania (Visaginas). “I look spooky, but I’m really nice.”…

Maksim from Lithuania

So… Umm… Hi! My name’s Maksim, but you (the one who’s reading this description right now) may call me Max. One of the…

Bernadette from Romania

Hey dear People! It happened with me to being born in Romania as a Hungarian... Since my teenage years I had the…

Deimantė from Lithuania

Hello everybody! My name is Deimantė and I come from a small country in Europe that goes by the name Lithuania. My…

Gabija from Lithuania

Labukas! My name is Gabija and I'm an optimistic Lithuanian who likes to sleep and eat cepelinai. Before joining DNS I…

Martin from Czech Republic

If I am to say something basic about me, I would say probably: 1. I am Martin. 2. I come from the Czech Republic 3. I…