DNS 2017


Team DNS 2017 is in their saving-up period

We are starting the course in September 2017 and now we are earning money to get started..
We are building the team and waiting for new members to join us!

Below you can read a short presentation of who we are and why we joined




Inês from Portugal

Olá! I'm Inês, from Portugal and I'm 21 years old. There is not much I can tell you about where I come from that cannot…

Francesco from Italy

Thoughts, words, omissions. I remain frozen in the act. The change that germinates in castration struck me, confuses…

Dovilė from Lithuania

Hi my name is Dovilė. I‘m 26 years old, I come from Lithuania. After graduating from university, two years I worked in…

Alexander from UK

Hey folks! I am Alexander/Al (not Alex please ;) ) I am a new member of the DNS 2017 group. I was born in Yorkshire in…
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Michaela from Slovakia

Hello world! My name is Michaela, I am 22 and I joined DNS program because I feel this is the way for the upcoming life…

Jenifer from Hungary

Hey, people! My name is Jenifer. I come from Hungary and i am 21 years old. During the time in the high school i didn’t…

Oriol from Spain

Hola! My name is Uri, I'm 20 and I come from a town near Barcelona. When I finished high school I didn't want to follow…