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DNS 2016

The 2016 team is currently in the second year of the programme: The European Practice Field, a period focused on experiencing and understanding the european reality.
You can read more about them below! 



Jevgenij from Lithuania

Hey there, my name is Jevgenij but since I moved abroad I have met quite a few people that could not pronounce my name…

Simona from Lithuania

Hey, folks! My name is Simona. I am 24, born and raised in Lithuania. Generally speaking, I am a person, who loves to…

Matteo from Italy

Ciao! I'm Matteo, I am 26 years old and I come from Italy, a country that I love. After graduating in Communication and…

Gelmina from Lithuania

Hello, I am Gelmina, 23 years old and I came from Lithuania. I represent myself as a person who is seeking wider…

Indre from Lithuania

Labas! My name is Indrė but I prefer being called Indie. Indrė is kinda a regular girl who went to a university after…

Karolina from Lithuania

Hi! I am Karolina, just turned 23, originally Lithuanian. I tried to study some different fields in regular state…
ermes 1

Ermes from Italy

Hello, everybody! My name is Ermes and I come from Italy!I left my country almost one year ago for volunteering after…

Elora from Italy

Hello everyone! My name is Elora and I come from Italy. I found out about DNS accidentally on the Internet more thant…

Zsófia from Hungary

Hey, everyone! I am Zsófi from Hungary, as I usually briefly describe myself, a born to be volunteer. Ever since I can…

Gabriele from Italy

Hi everyone! I'm Gabriele, Gabry for friends. I was born in 1994, the stork left me on the island of Sardinia, Italy,…

Rami from Latvia

Hello, my name is Ramona and I was born in Latvia, but for the last years I was living in Paris and studying…