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DNS 2015

team 15

Our 2015 team is currently in the third and last year of the programme: The Teaching Practice Field, a period focused on experiencing and understanding the reality of children and teachers in schools.
You can read more about them below! 


Meet the students at DNS 2015


Honza from Czech Republic

Ahoj lidi!Someone calls me Honza, others call me Jan.Please, don't call me by second, it is too formal one. :))Where…

Ausrine from Lithuania

LABAS (hello in my mother tongue), you are reading about the girl, who made the best choice coming to DNS J Since, i…

Kristiana from Latvia

Hello! My name is Kristiâna, I am from Latvia and I am 18 years old. When I needed to start thinking about what to do…

Mykolas K from Lithuania

Hello people, I am Mykolas and I come from Lithuania. And upon coming here I was really curious: how the people here…

Marina from Spain

Few years ago I was 18 and I finished with the education in the high school. Doing what I was supposed to do, I went to…

Andre from Portugal

Hi, my name is André. I left Mozambique, my home after I finished high school and moved to Denmark and I joined the…
Amanda international student

Amanda from Hungary

Why did I join DNS? Probably sounds a bit lame, but mostly because I wanted to choose the hard way. Learning with my…

Veronika from Czech Republic

To join DNS was one of the most spontaneous decisions I have ever made. After graduating high school, I followed the…