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Maksim from Lithuania


So… Umm… Hi!
My name’s Maksim, but you (the one who’s reading this description right now) may call me
One of the few interesting things that I noticed in school was how easily a bad teacher could ruin
a whole subject for a student, by simply being… Ugh… boring. Considering my strong will to
become a teacher I couldn’t allow myself to go to the usual dogmatic university of my
motherland (Lithuania) and become someone’s downfall.
So I started to search and look for the Holy Grail. And suddenly! A young girl came with a
presentation of her extraordinary college located in the middle of nowhere (Denmark) which
offers an alternative way of education.
Being a naive fella’ who believes in destiny, I took the chance. And here I am. In DNS…
Furthermore, it was important for me to be somewhere where I could challenge myself and by
overcoming these challenges to grow as a person. I think some German dude named Friedrich
would have liked what I’ve just wrote. Or not, ‘tis he was a rather unpredictable guy.
My interests are Tarantino movies and 70s-80s rock music (Black Sabbath, The Doors, Alice
Cooper etc.). In the matter of books I’m really into history novels and philosophy, also Steven
King may be a big weakness of mine.
If you want to know more, come and ask me. I’ll stick around for quite some time from now on.
Good luck!