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Agne from Lithuania

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Hello everybody! My name is Agnė and I am from Lithuania – a really beautiful country in the eastern Europe. What can I say about myself? I think I’m open minded, passionate about everything and people say that my smile captures my positive character! I really like arts and nature, especially forests! Also, I am a scout for 7 years and it is a really huge part of life, I consider it even a lifestyle.

Why DNS? I really think that this is the place for me. The whole idea of travelling, opening up, just learning about the world and meeting different people attracted me. Also, being here provides more opportunities to grow as a person and I am really looking for the possibility of personal development and self-conscience about the world that surrounds us.

Maybe I am naive, but I really think that we can make some changes, we just need to start. And of course, if you want to change the world you need to start to change the education. That’s why I am really inspired by the Mahatma Ghandhi words that in a gentle way, we can shake the world. Like this, becoming a teacher represents the opportunity to be part of the community, to teach the future generations in a better way. Furthermore, I like the idea that as a student, you are able to learn from anything in everyday life, not only at school, as long as you are curious and open-minded. The goal that motivates me the most is helping people and learning from them, about their ways of thinking.

I just really want to live my life fully, experience as much as possible and the same time learn how to give this to the world.