Sabrina from Italy

Sabrina international student italy

I'm Sabrina Daoud, I’m 22 years old, I come from Venice, Italy.

I studied fashion and clothing in high school, so I learned to project and make clothing. After getting the diploma I worked as waitress in a luxury hotel's restaurant, as sales assistant in a luxury men’s boutique, and I had an experience in a permaculture garden. After I spend four months in Brussels, Belgium, and I come here in mid of April because I discovered One World Centre on Facebook and I understood that I had to join it, because not only of the opportunity to study English (I prefer an English environment than a French one), but specially for the "different" program, a lot of practical sides, challenges, outside activities, travelling periods: travel to Africa to discover the reality of "Third World", nowadays big questions as "fighting with the poor" a subject that is not included in a conventional system; travel to bring the experience to the public; saving up money to fund your team's program; collaborating with the other units of TVIND; cook for a lot of people; clean and do whatever is necessary by our hands. I think that being part of this community is a life coaching, and is never boring because you'll be surrounded by people of different cultures!