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Oriol from Spain


My name is Uri, I'm 20 and I come from a town near Barcelona. When I finished high school I didn't want to follow the marked path of going to University without considering first if it was for me, so I decided to take part in a European voluntary service in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where I worked in the conservation of nature reserves for a year. After that, I took part in shorter projects around Europe about different contemporary topics, and I was able to meet inspiring people that opened my mind. When I came across DNS I thought that it was a great opportunity to keep learning in a really effective way by combining theoretical knowledge with practice and experiences. It will also allow me to get to know myself better and I will learn how to adapt to different situations, which I think it's one of the most important skills to have in this changing and unpredictable World we live in. In the future, I'd like to help and inspire young people to take responsability for their lives so they can be their greatest versions and this way help improving our society and the World.