Michaela from Slovakia

Hello world!

My name is Michaela, I am 22 and I joined DNS program because I feel this is the way for the upcoming life period. We match together like a puzzle. I am at the right time in the right place. I have chosen to walk this path of tangible experience, actively practice every day, being in a touch with real people and their destinies, not sitting in a closed collegiate auditorium debating about the world´s issues. Theoretically. I do not say it is not important to debate, but I appreciate the synthesis of practice and theory. When the notes are experienced and truly understood they become personal to the one who encountered the description from a textbook. It becomes opened and available to grow into something more constructive. Therefore I could not have started usual university course. I have rich work experience but i did not feel myself for going that way. University. No translation- interpretation, no philology nor philosophy, no medicine, no biology, no social sciences, no art. The art of living is here and now, there is no future, only the present moment. The eternally opened school of life is for free and everywhere. The human body is designed to be stretched, the cells are starving for air, the mind is running and I need to move in this world. I want to be in a motion with those who want to move forward and will search for solutions, not for excuses. Where is will, there are always at least two possibilities to find a solution. I want to feel happy and satisfied. I will if I use meaningfully the only things I have got. Those are: my energy and the time in this Universe.

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