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Mantvydas from Lithuania


Hi! My name is Mantvydas and I come from Lithuania.

Born in 1992 and joined DNS team in 2017.

After graduating high school I decided to study energy engineering in the university. That was a cool four years as being a student who lives in a dormitory, but not who was sitting in classrooms and listening for lectures about thermodynamics laws and etc.

After graduating university I started to work as a plumber. Really? Why?
It’s not That life that I would like to live. 

So, I decided to travel a little in Europe by hitchhiking and to meet random people and see their life. Hitchhiking was really cool even if I wasn’t very lucky. But still, this travel motivated me to travel more.

I didn’t want just to travel, though. I also wanted to study something… something very different from the what I had before. And so I remembered about DNS College which I found a couple of years ago.
Become another kind of teacher? Join another kind of school? Is that what I’m looking for? I’m not sure. But I’m sure that I don’t want to work as a plumber and it’s a great opportunity to try something new. So why don’t try it now?

Here I am… A plumber who is sitting on the coach on a rainy day, writing this article.

I love it already. Let’s see what is waiting for me next!