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Francesco from Italy

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I had the desire to become a teacher for several years. It has accompanied me along my university course, in the time which I devoted to theater, music and volunteering.

The system in which I trained - grew in me a sense of unease and repulsion. I did not accept the complete lack of new solutions regarding the dialectics between theory and practice. I realized that the enemy to be fought is the dogmatic teaching. It's the pedagogy that is closed in the defense of its own absolute truth. It's the pedagogy that does not research and does not ask for the comparison with its objects: the training processes. I believe that every scientific truth is partial, since it is always waiting for the new truth to come and correct it - to falsify it. Therefore, a proposition is scientific only when it can be rebutted and then proved false, from the experience.

Six months ago I started a new life path to find what I had always desired, in which practice and learning are fully conjugated. It is difficult to describe my feelings, the words we use are important because the “form” always adds indefinable portions of sense to the “material”(that is the idea, the concept), and so I'll just say that I feel something new, unique, that gives me energies to face and deal with what is in front of me. I don’t shun. I’ll avoid the bitter freedom, the easy cowardice. My name is Francesco Maria Antonicelli, I was born the 26th of October in 1989 and I am a DNS student.