Francesco from Italy

Thoughts, words, omissions. I remain frozen in the act. The change that germinates in castration struck me, confuses me. The ego pulsates, the super-ego restrains it, or is it the opposite? I recognize the legitimacy of one and 'other; I know that there can be no illegitimacy, but I can not free myself from that law. I've tried in the past, I don’t know how to wear  the anarchist shoes, I might be believable, but only because I can be a good actor. "I have always sucked the truth, I am sincere, at least on this". The puzzles are reproduced in a maze of possibilities that sometimes stinks, sometimes annoys, others incites, others seduces; often it brutish. Repentance knocks when I think of the past, but it is weak and not always defined. Retroactivity of emotions leaves me stunned, but I welcome this, maybe because I still keep faith in the "me" that was. I fear the flattening. Everything around me begging for something. It takes a lifetime to save a life. Perhaps no one wants to be saved, maybe we expect something, the "quid". Not enough nails, money, boredom, courage. But I don’t shun. I’ll avoid the bitter freedom, the easy cowardice. My name is Francesco Maria Antonicelli, I was born the 26th of october in 1989 and I am a DNS student.