Demian from Italy

Demian international student

Hello people...

My name is Demian and I choose to follow DNS programme for the possibility to observe, to compare, to doubt, to experience and to create…

Difficulties are the best opportunity to shape ourselves and the world around us into something. Always listening, always moving - always connected… We are, that what we do, what we live and therefore we are what we decide to do. World is composed from people and we are these people, we should take care of ourselves and others.

A big challenge we are trying to do is about common life - not easy, but so needed! Sharing responsibilities and active space, a multicultural place with common decisions, common life and optimized resources with thoughts and ideas;

Creativity can develop relationships between people so artistic expressions make up this great design, designed by the needs;

Travel also composes a growing international awareness and knowledge, passing by different places and cultures. First creating tolerance, then listening to flowing love and respect;

Let’s try together to make the masterpiece of an idea. Let’s dream the reality.

A way not to forget and to simply feel not alone.