Alin from Romania

Alin International student Romania


My name is Alin and I’m an all-in kinda dude: My passion for exploration flows along side with curiosity and its driven by the love & adventure of a "samsar" life. People around us are people we learn from. There is a constant exchange of inspiration and aspiration. It is art. And I always loved it and its manifestation.

During last school years and in highschool I began questioning things and trying to think about what walk in life I'd take and why. I could have settle for what the system had to offer or... whatever I wanted for myself. But in a world of so many options, what would I do?

I could have settle for an ordinary job and an ordinary education. I looked around and I saw where that goes. I knew then that I wanted something else. I just didn't know what. I thought I knew, but I did not. I wanted something fresh. I wanted to discover and work in an open environment. To travel and to have a diverse experience.

I found about DNS on the internet, I had a sneak peak into it and decided to come and see what it had to offer. It embodies a lot of things I like, so this led to my engagement in this program where I could bring my passions together. Grow as a person, as a team, a community. I got an open mind, and a wish to enjoy myself and the trip ahead as well as a hope for the best.

Photography - which not only brought passion, but also love into my life, as a 2 in 1 magic kinda-deal. It opened a whole new world where you can reach indefinitely inside the Universcale.

Writing - be it poems, stories or whatever words landed on a surface with the given resonant reason. Music- Yes! I love and practice it every now and then. But who does not? Currently practicing percussion on different toys, piano, guitar & voice.

Traveling - One of my favorite things. I make a journey out of pretty much anything. I love to be on the move as much as staying still and enjoying the life and its energy. I am an explorer.

Sport - One of the most important thing in life. It opened so many beautiful perspectives to me. I encourage you to pick whatever form of sport and identify with it. It will set you free in ways you can't even imagine.

Life - The one that makes everything possible. Hence the most valuable thing there is. This are some of the magical ingredients that are part of my walk trough this journey. I am happy I finally came into contact with a new concept where I can land my passion for life trough dancing words, photography, written thoughts & more.

If I had a favorite visual artist it would be the Nature. My interests? Me, you & the world in-between us.

Salutations and hearty hugs, Namaste, abracadabra!