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Alexander from UK

Hey folks!

I am Alexander/Al (not Alex please ;) ) I am a new member of the DNS 2017 group. I was born in Yorkshire in England. At the age of 22 I decided I wanted to see the whole world so set of out into the world with my pockets turned out! From there I worked my way around Europe on farms, bars, restaurants and wedding hotels. During that time my mind started to expand and I started to learn so much more about the world, how things work and what my own personal thoughts where on the way the world was moving.

During traveling I was contacted and told about the DNS program and what’s aims are. So, after and being invited to an introductory weekend I had formed my own opinion on the course and how it would benefit myself and how it would have an impact on the the rest of the world. I found the idea fascinating that we could all improve the future of our race through education and sharing the learnt knowledge with the rest of the world.
It is hard to so say where I think I will go after DNS as three years is a long time and a lot can change in life in such a small period. However, learning is such a great tool and in DNS is the perfect environment to expand the mental horizons in all ways shapes and forms. These skills will be something that I can permanently take with me where ever I go and with a little bit of luck use the skills to help benefit the rest of the world and reach out to people who need the help I can offer.
As I have said earlier I cannot say that what I will do at the end of this course but the skills of being able to be a different kind of teacher is something that will help me pass on knowledge and even to help continue learning for the rest of my life! 
I look forward to spending the coming years with the awesome guys that I have met so far. I know for a fact we are going to have an amazing time and discover so so much! Hope you all enjoyed reading this – PEACE OUT!!!!