Zsófia from Hungary


Hey, everyone!

I am Zsófi from Hungary, as I usually briefly describe myself, a born to be volunteer. Ever since I can remember I was doing some volunteering activity, I had a chance to participate in many projects, initiatives, and good cases locally and internationally too. These experiences shaped me greatly, I believe volunteering made me the person who I am now. I have a degree in Environmental Management in Agricultural Engineering and I had been working as a project manager and consultant in agricultural projects and EU tenders. Meanwhile, I had continued my journey as a volunteer and as the years passed by I got familiar with non-formal education and youth work  which turned out is the field where I could very comfortably and easily fit in. I applied to DNS to become an educator who has the tools to influence young people’s lives with understanding, gratitude and compassion. I am very happy that I can be a part of the DNS 2016 team and I look forward what the next 3-3.5 years will hold for us!