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Karolina from Lithuania


Hi! I am Karolina, just turned 23, originally Lithuanian. I tried to study some different fields in regular state university back home, but I just felt like i did not fit in any of those.
The problem was not about what should I study, it was more like I felt that it's not how I wanted to study. I didn't want to study at all, to be honest - I wanted to learn.
Learn by seeing things, touching things, doing things, experiencing. After travelling a bit I realized that there are many different ways to live the same lives and do the same things people do all around the world every day. The only question mark then was where and how should I do this. This is how I came to DNS (actually, how DNS came to me).
And I have a feeling that I came to the right place where I can learn how to do the right things in the right ways.
Can't wait to join my Team DNS '16  and make the things change.