Jevgenij from Lithuania


Hey there, my name is Jevgenij but since I moved abroad I have met quite a few people that could not pronounce my name properly, therefore, I tell everyone to call me simply Jay. I am originally from Belarus, but I am holding a Lithuanian passport. I am a nice guy, who really enjoys listening to music like anyone else. When I have enough time I like to turn into a bookworm. If you like Remarque then we will probably find a common language. On the other hand, I really like sports like scuba diving, swimming, jogging and simply gym workouts. In terms of personality, I just have no idea how to describe myself. Let's say, I am a person with individual thoughts and views. Why DNS? At some point, I wanted to change something in my life, like the majority of people that actually join this program. I would like to start from developing myself, helping others to step forward, seeing how the world changes for the better. Welcome to DNS.