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Gabriele from Italy


Hi everyone! I'm Gabriele, Gabry for friends. I was born in 1994, the stork left me on the island of Sardinia, Italy, where I spent 19 years.

In these 19 years I lived in 19 houses! I used to live with my mom's family (12 brothers and sisters) so I was moving quite often! While moving, I was educated by all those who were in my surround, so since I was young I noticed the different ways of educating of different people that also have been growing in different backgrounds.

In one of those “moving”, I used to live in a farm where I mostly spent my high school years. There in the fields, I had the possibility to appreciate the nature and improve my handy skills by taking care of the animals, growing vegetables and fruits, doing maintenance of the sheds, house tools, farming machines etc.

While I was taking my technical high school diploma, I tried several jobs as chimney sweep, kitchen assistant, cook, Granita’s seller in the bay, and other funny jobs that didn’t fit me.

Doing these jobs, I felt it wasn’t enough for me, that I had something inside of me to share, so I moved to the city of Cagliari where I worked teaching parkour in a gym (after 3 years of practice) and there I found something that attracted my interest: teaching communication.

After a summer season working in a restaurant, I had the feeling to take a breath and start to travel, so I took a ticket to Milan and travelled for 6 months around Europe. I travelled hitchhiking, couchsurfing, doing several volunteering jobs, dumpster diving and so on, to travel by pushing myself on life.

At some point I ended in Scotland (after a few months travelling) and started feeling completely lost! So I asked to myself, what are you interested in?! I checked what I was doing, back in my life, and I realized that I kept asking and seeking for the same thing:  how do people learn, how do they get educated etc. Wondering why there are so many people in doubt about their choices. I decided to know more about it and I started reading something in the field of psychology and personal development. I thought that personal development should be taught at public schools! I wondered who the designers of the school programmes were, and after researching I discovered that those were psychologist.

I came back home after a while travelling and enrolled the psychology department at Cagliari University. After a while living in Sardinia and studying psychology I discovered that it wasn’t what I was looking for, stoked and broken!

So I was making a plan to travel all around Europe to study and analyse various scholar systems and teacher’s communication, to get to my biggest goal: create a new scholar model.

I was just dreaming! I wasn’t ready for this deep experience, I needed knowledge.

I checked in the Internet if there was somebody else that had my same ideas, in alternative education and alternative lifestyle… Basically being aware of the real world! I found A great website called DNS-Tvind (I thought it wasn’t true, something like that wasn’t possible!).
So I gathered all the information that I could to get to believe it and so I did The Preparatory Weekend where I got the feeling that I was in the right place, with the right people. It was what I was looking for.

I recommend Preparatory Weekend to everyone who doubts about joining DNS!

Now I’m here, enjoying the time doing a lot of tasks and getting to know my team.

I found the place really challenging, as life itself, meeting new people from all around the world, speaking new languages, debating everyday about big issues such as pollution, earth heating, politics, peace… Everything regarding the world right now and making plans on how to be active on it!

In DNS education, there is no such thing as sedentary lifestyle. We participate in protests, events and conferences about climate change, international commercial agreement, peace, cultural inequality and many others. All of the mentioned experiences, made us travel, and feel somehow connected to a big community of people that wants justice in this planet. We were participating as teachers, as citizens of the world and we felt the need to be responsible individuals and promote this by being role models and also by teaching. Trough experiences we train to be teachers, it’s good to have knowledge but what actually changes things are ACTIONS. That’s what we learn here in DNS.