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Veronika from Czech Republic


To join DNS was one of the most spontaneous decisions I have ever made. After graduating high school, I followed the “path of conventional education”. I burned for (or at least I thought that I do) studying informatics. So, that´s what I went for. Nevertheless, it did not take much time for me to realize, that this is not what makes me happy. I had a strong feeling that I am missing out on something bigger. I knew that there is much more to seek beyond the university walls. And then, I dropped my work, my studies and left to Denmark ... And I did something that I don’t regret it at all. Why? Because DNS is a journey that though me how strong we are and how much we can do when we are together. DNS thought me about the world and the society we live in and how important is to get involved in it and act. Now I know, that I need to work and be around people; adults, youngsters, kids - because we all have something to teach, to share and to learn from each other.