Marina from Spain


Few years ago I was 18 and I finished with the education in the high school. Doing what I was supposed to do, I went to the university to study education. Four years later I finished it. I had the feeling that I had learnt hardly nothing, that I had lost my time and money (in Spain it is expensive, even the public one) and that the university was a fraud. I just could see how difficult it was the teaching task and how little did I know about it. At any point I thought I was ready to teach and anyway right now in Spain it is impossible to find a job on that, so I didn’t know what to do. One day after taking a nap I received a mail that would change my life. This was telling me that there was a kind of education where you actually learn how to do things, where you reach to know the world and where you get a lot of practice and experience. This was about DNS and I could not believe it. It felt like a dream. At first I thought it would be really expensive and I would not be able to join, but then I read about the saving-up period and I could not find any excuse not to come. So my question is not “why to come?” but instead “what keeps you from coming?” and the answer is nothing. By the moment everything in DNS seems to fit with my way of seeing life. From the first day you become part of the community and you start learning. Students and teachers make all things together, from organizing big events to enjoy and organize a cozy evening. You might find yourself cooking for 30 people or painting a house or maybe weeding at 8 in the morning because there is some people coming and it needs to look nice. DNS is much more than knowledge: it is about trusting yourself and discovering that you are actually able to do whatever you want to do, even change the world a little bit.