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Ausrine from Lithuania


LABAS (hello in my mother tongue), you are reading about the girl, who made the best choice coming to DNS J Since, i graduated High School, i realised that i started to make my own choices in life and i felt that freedom of movement, ownership, responsibility and ability to independently follow my own path. So i left my lovely home and went around getting to know a small part of this World we live in, collecting some knowledge, skills and experiences for couple of years before actually joining the program.
The passion of becoming a future teacher has grown on me during these years. From being a naive girl and looking at my home and school environment, to a grown up global citizen, who acknowledges all the challenges, who leaves a comfort zone and learns from political, cultural, pedagogical and social environment.
DNS has been on the back of my mind for many years, however the time i decided to come to Denmark and join the program, I knew it was the right time (it was more like NOW or NEVER :D) and i was ready to take this life changing journey.
The World needs teachers, so why not to be one of them?